Sixth Disease

If you care about the health of your children, you definitely want to know some important facts about Roseola, otherwise known as the sixth disease. This is because according to medical studies, many children from various parts of the world suffer from this illness. It is a condition that affects children between the age of six months and years. When the disease strikes, it starts with a high fever that lasts for several days. When this fever disappears, it is replaced by a distinctive rash that spreads over the body especially the face, the chest and the upper arms. It is a situation that causes a lot of discomfort not only to the child but to the parent too.

A mild upper respiratory ailment is one of the signs and symptoms of the sixth disease. During this period, the child is likely to be irritable. You also will notice that the kid has lost appetite and may be fussy all the time. Another thing that can be observed in children who are suffering from this illness is that they get swollen lymph nodes around the neck. The discomfort and pain that these nodes cause them is one of the things that make them restless.

If the fever that comes with this disease becomes too much, it may cause convulsions that are known as febrile seizure. This is an advanced stage of the condition which can lead to more dangerous situations. For instance, a child who experiences such convulsions may be unconscious and may also end up losing control of their bladder or bowel. When things get to such a state, you can be sure that managing it will require lots of caution. This is the reason why leading medical experts always advise people to approach such a condition with lots of caution.
The best thing to do when you realize that your child has the sixth disease is to seek medical attention as first as possible. According to medical facts, the illness is much easier to manage when discovered in its early stages than when you let it to advance. In fact, if you seek treatment before the fever becomes too much and before the rashes appear, you can be sure that the child will not even appear to be sick. You also need to ensure that you choose the right physician for this task because not everyone can do it.

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Symptoms Of Narcissistic Personality Disorder

narcissusNarcissistic personality disorder is characterized by an overwhelming desire for admiration, dramatic emotions and antisocial behaviors. People with this disorder are often snobbish, patronizing and disdainful. They also have an inflated sense of self importance and believe that they are of much importance to everyone life.

Symptoms of Narcissistic personality behavior can be:

· Exaggerating own talent and achievements.

· Express disdain on those one feels are inferior.

· Expecting admiration and praise all the time.

· Believing that one is special and never makes mistakes.

· Do not recognize other people’s feeling and emotions

· Believe others are always jealous of them

· Take advantage of others in at the workplace.

· Expects others to move along with their plans and ideas.

· They are unable to keep healthy relationships.

· They have a fragile self esteem

· They tend to appear tough- minded and emotional. However, they tend to be easily hurt by rejection.

· They are quite arrogant when socializing with others.

Causes of Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD)

The cause of Narcissistic Personality disorder is not clear. However, behavioral experts believe that the cause is bio psychosocial i.e. it may be caused by a collection of biological, psychological and social factors. Parents with this disorder are a high risk of passing the same to their children through their genes. Social factors come in the early childhood interaction with the society around them. Psychological factors have to with an individual’s temperament and personality as shaped by the environment around them. Why people create narcissism is different in every case because all people are different.

Treatment options

NPD is treated by several by psychotherapy. Psychotherapy teaches the patient how to relate positively with other people. It also helps one understand that he or she has a problem. It aims at influencing a change of attitude and improving one’s behavior. The patient may also undergo cognitive behavioral therapy to get to know his or her negative beliefs and how to replace them with positive ones. It also helps the patient to create realistic goals, expectations and build up self-esteem. For depressed patients, anti-depressants may be prescribed.

If the disorder is not treated, the patient may end up having depression, may get into substance abuse, may harbor suicidal thoughts and have problems get along with others. Sustained depression puts one at a greater risk of developing a host of cardiovascular problems.

Parents should avoid over pampering their children as they grow up. Moreover, they should not put very high expectations on their children or subject them to abuse. This way, they would lead their children in acquiring Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

Learn To Play The Electric Guitar

Learning how to play electric guitars is a completely different type of guitar education. Interestingly, you will find that there are styles that don’t work with classical guitars, but work with electric guitars. When you are learning to play the electric guitar, you must know that there are different styles of playing with along with the basics. You simply cannot expect to become a pro at playing a guitar juts by getting one. Only after a lot of training can you master the skill of playing it perfectly. But there is nothing to worry, it isn’t as difficult as most people think it is.

When you learn to play the electric guitar, the first step involves tuning it. But if you have good knowledge about sound basics, this will add as a bonus. Coming back to tuning, it means adjusting the guitar’s tuning pegs. This should be done by beginning with the sixth string to the first string. Since you are playing the electric guitar, you have the advantage of trying various kinds of tuning. You will see that different songs require different tuning. This of course, you will learn while you learn playing the electric guitar.

Power chords are another important aspect of electric guitars. These power chords produce a kind of meaty sound. Electric guitar lessons teaches you that in order to play power chords you must keep in mind three things- the fifth note, the root note and the octave. These three things make up the power chord. Learning to play electric guitar is also about knowing its capacity. The biggest advantage of the electric guitar is that you are able to extend the playing technique. These techniques include harmonics, palm muting, tapping, shred guitar, alternate tuning, dive bomb and pinch harmonics.

The next thing to focus on is the genres. When you learn playing the electric guitar you have a wide range of genres to choose from. Mostly every learner prefers rock music, but it is up to you to decide which genre you prefer. Remember that the main and ultimate purpose of learning electric guitar is to brush up your skills and to guide you in the world of learning how to play electric guitars. If you are wondering where to take lessons from, you have two options in hand. First, you can opt for a teacher who can guide you and second learn it on your own through the number of tutorial videos available on internet. Within just few months of training you will become an expert in playing the electric guitar. Also, keep playing and keep learning. There is nothing like practice.

Intermittent Fasting

Many people go on a fast and cut their amount of eating down tremendously. Some people prefer intermittent fasting on a daily basis, while others fast a few times a week. Intermittent fasting may be done in a several ways, this may even include skipping one’s meals altogether, or eating the food at a specified time. It has been said that there are several health benefits from intermittent fasting, hence many people fast due to this reason. Before beginning any fast, people always need to make sure that the foods they choose, are the right kinds of foods.

When fasting, eating the proper foods is the most important thing for people to do. Many people have discovered that fasting is a good alternative in helping them to lose the extra pounds. Productive intermittent fasting is done over a period of eight hours, which equals to skipping at least one meal. Many people restrict their fasting even further, to less hours if they desire.

Some of the health benefits from intermittent fasting include, HGH, basically, this enables one’s body resist most cravings for snacks and sugar, and building metabolism. There are numerous other health benefits the body gets when people decide to fast. There are benefits to the brain through intermittent fasting. Brain- deprived neurotrophic factor, also known as BDNF, is a protein found in the brain which can be boosted if people fast about every other day. BDNF protein helps the brain cells activate new neurons by converting and triggering them. The protein has also been known to help with diseases such as Alzheimer‘s and Parkinson’s. Intermittent fasting is known to help the body in converting to fat burning mode.

Usually, the body may take several weeks before adjusting to the fasting procedure, however, once it does, people will experience a decline in their desire for mostfoods, snacks, and sweets. Intermittent fasting also helps control insulin levels in one’s body tby normalizing leptin and insulin, it also helps normalize ghrelin levels at the same time lowering triglyceride levels. Fasting helps one preserve the memory of people and events. It also boosts one’s functioning abilities. Limiting the amount of food eaten, is not a requirement when on a fast, but most people like to have their fasting scheduled.

Most people need to remember the importance of lowering the amount of carbohydrates eaten, but instead choose olive oil, coconut oil, and other health foods. Most physicians won’t recommend fasting to any of their patients, but instead, may suggest eating a healthier diet, exercise, and even supplements. Intermittent fasting has grown to be one of the most powerful ways of helping people take more control of their health. Fasting isn’t meant for everyone, especially those persons with certain illnesses or women who are pregnant, but it can be a for sure way of helping people to lose weight faster. It is up to each person as to how they want to fast, and for how long, but taking caution on too much fasting is always suggested.